WEE Testimonials

I was extremely impressed with this year's WEE. The Committee outdid themselves! Each session & activity was stimulating and educational. And there was the perfect amount of time allocated for networking as well.
Jessica De Mello, CAS, St Regis Group, WEE 2018

WEE is the perfect place to expand your soul.
Jae M. Rang, MAS, Jae Associates Ltd., WEE 2018

So great to spend time talking to ladies who actually get what I go through. So valuable. Love the sip and paint where we could talk easily while painting.
Beth Crowell, Mayday Group Inc., WEE 2018

A renewed sense of community with female leaders in our industry. Practical, current and straightforward information sessions that are easy to implement for immediate results is always a great value.
Monica Bishop, Encore Specialty Products Ltd., WEE 2018

I learned some amazing business practices from the presenters that I can and will apply to my everyday business. I also met a lot of new people who have not only expanded my business network but have become friends.
Kassandra Lahosky, The Branding Company , WEE 2016

I am very happy that I made the decision to join WEE this year. It was an experience I will not soon forget! Thank you for a fabulous weekend!
Tonja Zander, Capco Sportswear Inc/KC Caps, WEE 2016

I had been invited for many years & never took the plunge, this year I took the plunge & I am so glad I did. This newbie is excited for next year. From start to finish it really was an amazing weekend & experience. Thank you to all the people who helped make this weekend possible, it really inspired me professionally & personally. Thanks again WEE!
Kerri Clark, PCNA , WEE 2016

Danielle Ben-Haim, Dgroup Trevelyan - How do you put it into words? I feel I have made incredible new connections that will help me grow as a person and as a salesperson. 10/10!

This was my first year at WEE and I must say I was very excited and came away with new friends and very much enjoyed the information I collected from the sessions.
Tani Pereira, The Branding Company, WEE 2016

The Women’s Empowerment Event signifies so much to so many. From a career perspective, WEE provides a collective safe environment to grow personally within our industry as a girl. It’s important to so many women. It should be important to the supplier community and equally important to the distributor-channel. As our market evolves, dedicated and passionate individuals men or women will continue to be thought leaders. I believe WEE provides the basis for those strong women to challenge themselves in thought, in action and in goal for more.
Suzanne Simpson, Gemline, WEE 2016

The WEE 2016 was a wonderful growth experience in both personal and professional growth that I cherish. Thank you.
Noelle Massai, Capco Sportswear / KC Caps, WEE 2016

Fantastic group of ladies. Well organized!
Sharon Koekoek, The Marco Corporation, WEE 2016