Imagine a place where a group of women with common interests share trust, best business practices, challenges both professional and personal, and are supported in a productive and nonjudgmental way. That, in my opinion, sums up the WEE or Women’s Empowerment Event.

For three days we take off our Supplier/Distributor hats and become a group of ladies able to share in the unique abilities and challenges that come with being successful women in business. Whether it be our relational approach to sales or the difficulties of balancing work with family, knowing you are not alone and can share in the experiences of others with similar struggles is very uplifting. Couple that with great education sessions that are women centric and do count towards CAS/MAS certification you have a win-win!

What is a bit harder to describe is the amazing energy and vibe that occurs when this group of ladies gathers. It is amazing to watch people who are a bit hesitant in the beginning to share and be a part of things, open up and blossom as the event progresses, truly embracing the heart of the group and bond together. I have certainly walked away with lasting and valued friendships that would not have happened if not for WEE.

Working in a small business brings its equal share of joys and challenges. One of those challenges is feeling as though you are sometimes going at things alone. This is why I love joining the women of WEE. It allows me to be part of a community of enthusiastic and passionate women who work hard and support one another. This conference has connected me to a network of women who have changed my approach to my work for the better. WEE is an incredibly supportive environment which extends beyond the 2 days we spend together.

What WEE means to me is that I’ve been able to grow my company knowing that I have a group of women celebrating my success along the way.

WEE is the one industry event that I never miss! It is more than saying hello to acquaintances, after 6 years of attending I am spending time with friends. The energy that this group of ladies create, is inspiring and makes for a great way to recharge while challenging and enhancing business practices. I find stepping outside the office into a relaxed setting, surrounded by energetic, driven, successful women and laughing until my abs' hurt refreshing, educational and more than a little fun! It is the most enjoyable and rewarding way to earn your certification. In our fast paced, competitive industry there are very few chances to openly share your concerns, consider the future, and strategize with your peers while enjoying a “s’more” around a campfire!

What WEE means to me – an engaging and rewarding opportunity to earn your certification, while building a network of strong, enthusiastic and driven women.

We all get caught up in the day to day urgencies and needs of our business. WEE is about rejuvenation, continued education and networking with a group of ladies from all aspects of the Promotional Industry. All while in a relaxing, trusting and comfortable atmosphere.

I have attended WEE since the first event and will continue to be a part of future events. Being in the industry myself for almost 30 years, there is always an opportunity to learn from others, understand the ongoing changes in our industry and beyond. This is what WEE offers, education and tools to become even more successful in my business role and increasing my knowledge for outside my day to day role (and have fun along the way). After all, no one can know enough. The yearly WEE event reminds me of this and keeps me from derailing myself from future opportunities.

What WEE means to me – an avenue of personal growth towards my goals with a group of professional women along with the benefit of making new friends along the way.

I've attended WEE the last three years and would highly recommend it to other women in the industry. It's a unique opportunity to get to know some amazing women on a personal level and discover their hidden talents. Did you know that Jen Carver from Polyconcept is an incredible singer or that Shannon Shaw at Shannon Shaw Agency is accomplished at martial arts??

I've really appreciated the willingness of women I'd never met to offer me a ride to the venues in Algonquin Park in 2014 and Grand Bend in 2015, showing openness, acceptance and a willingness to help that set the tone for the weekend.

At the National Convention in January, I was struck by how many women I'd seen for many years but never really known, came up to me and hugged me because they recognized me from WEE. WEE provides a setting that creates unique bonds.

What WEE means to me – a unique setting that provides you with the opportunity to truly connect and bond with other women in the industry.